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Tilton Society of Delaware Board Members

Michele Schiavoni, President

Cynthia Pritchard, Vice President

Susan O’Donnell, Treasurer

Emma Odren, Secretary

Valarie Windle Leary, Board Member

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Charlie Tomlinson, Board Member

The Tilton Mansion

The Tilton Mansion

Tilton Mansion was built on land bought by James Tilton, MD from Bancroft Woodcock in 1792. Learn all about the mansion’s history from then until today!

Mission Statement

The Tilton Society of Delaware is a 501c3 whose purpose is to educate, promote and preserve the legacy of Dr. James Tilton and the historic significance of his home, the Tilton Mansion on Broom Street in Wilmington, Delaware. The Tilton Mansion is a contributing property to the Eighth Street Park Historic District (or Tilton Park Historic District).

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Dr. James Tilton

“His firsts are far-reaching and extend into agricultural firsts and meteorological
firsts, all recorded in the likes of the Library of Congress. While
this might be in fact be the first time that you have heard about
Tilton, it is our hope that it is not the last.”

Learn all about the Tilton Society’s namesake and his impact on the world yesterday and today.

Tilton Society of Delaware
Tilton Society of Delaware
Medicine during the American Revolution
Tilton Society of Delaware
Tilton Society of Delaware
During the War of 1812, Dr. James Tilton served as Surgeon General of the Army. Under SG Tilton, medical officers were first directed in 1814 to "make quarterly reports…of the sick and wounded… and report to the commanding officer every circumstance tending to restore or preserve the health of the soldiers."The problem he encountered was that these sick reports were only transmitted at the local level from the medical officer to the commander, and frequently, neither made any attempt to investigate the causes of illness or prevent their further occurrence. Furthermore, reporting was not standardized. Many surgeons provided little or no information, while others offered detailed data and narrative accounts of the impact of diseases on their forces. Finally, the imprecisely defined nature of the conditions, and the use of counts rather than rates, frequently impaired meaningful interpretation or public health use. There were several reasons for this imprecision, the most important of which was likely that the traditional purpose of reporting was to determine the number of trained soldiers ready to fight. Another important issue was that the understanding of the relationships between the multiple proximal and distal causes of most diseases were often not clear or not amenable to modification in military life. These problems persisted, even when the War Department issued regulations in December 1814, which directed medical officers to keep records of this comprehensive system of monthly and quarterly reports, including "the appearance of epidemics." Because of these problems, the corresponding impact of surveillance on military readiness was relegated to the local level at which surveillance was conducted.

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Tilton Society of Delaware
Tilton Society of Delaware
National Doctors Day March 30, 2022
The Doctors Day recognition is meant to serve as a small reminder of the integral role that you play in each and every one of your patients' lives.

We at the Medical Society of Delaware would like to extend our heart felt appreciation to our members on this day with this "virtual thank you."


#doctorsday2022 #HappyDoctorsDay
Tilton Society of Delaware

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