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Charlie Tomlinson, Board Member

The Tilton Mansion

The Tilton Mansion

Tilton Mansion was built on land bought by James Tilton, MD from Bancroft Woodcock in 1792. Learn all about the mansion’s history from then until today!

Mission Statement

The Tilton Society of Delaware is a 501c3 whose purpose is to educate, promote and preserve the legacy of Dr. James Tilton and the historic significance of his home, the Tilton Mansion on Broom Street in Wilmington, Delaware. The Tilton Mansion is a contributing property to the Eighth Street Park Historic District (or Tilton Park Historic District).

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Dr. James Tilton

“His firsts are far-reaching and extend into agricultural firsts and meteorological
firsts, all recorded in the likes of the Library of Congress. While
this might be in fact be the first time that you have heard about
Tilton, it is our hope that it is not the last.”

Learn all about the Tilton Society’s namesake and his impact on the world yesterday and today.

Tilton Society of Delaware
Tilton Society of Delaware
How have the arms and equipment of the United States Army changed through the ages?
During the War of 1812, Americans were armed with a myriad of weapons and equipment. As a fledgling nation, the United States adapted to the war on the fly.
Come and explore the material culture of our second major war:
Tilton Society of Delaware
Tilton Society of Delaware
The Evergreen Baptist Church that once stood on the Green, was used as a hospital for soldiers with small pox during the 1777 encampment. Between 200 - 300 of the soldiers who died of smallpox were buried in a mass grave in the Baptist Church's cemetery. In 1892, the Baptist Church moved from its original location at the Green, into its current building at 51 Washington St. At that time, three or four wooden boxes of surviving remains of the mass grave were moved and re-interred at Evergreen Cemetery in two unmarked graves. Over a century later, in 1996, this memorial stone was dedicated to these soldiers (and other church members whose graves were moved here). This memorial is located in Section J of the cemetery. A historical plaque about the original Baptist Church and its use during the Revolutionary War can be found in the Green across from where it stood.
Tilton Society of Delaware
Tilton Society of Delaware
Professor Emeritus of Biology, Don Terpening will present various medicines, implements and techniques that were used by physicians during the Revolutionary War, as well as discuss the role that doctors played and their social standing during this period.

Tilton Society of Delaware
Professor Emeritus Donald Terpening represents a colonial doctor of the middle to late 18th century. Specializing as a Revolutionary War physician, he will p...
Tilton Society of Delaware
Tilton Society of Delaware
In the colonial era, one of the key purposes of a kitchen garden was to provide medicine. The equivalent of knowing basic first aid today, understanding medicinal plants and their uses during the colonial era was essential.

“There would’ve been varying skill levels in applying plants medicinally, but just about every woman knew at least one plant she could use as a medicine,” explains Anna, the park's historical horticulturist.

“They probably would’ve known a lot more, though. For instance, many would have known how to tie a poultice or a bandage.”

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